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Shahrzadtrading co is supplier of peach kernel

Peach Kernels

Peach Kernel it is mostly used for Chines traditional medical and fabricating beauty creams its moisturizing oil which is readily absorbed by the skin and is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, mature or delicate skin Packing :30 kg Bags







Detailed Information:

Production annual capacity: 50 MT 

Packaging: PP-BAGS with PE inner layer, 24 kg bag 

Shipping port: the possibility of shipping from any port of Iran especially Bandar Abbas

Payment methods:

1- LC 

2- CAD (Cash Against Documents) 

3- TT (Telegraphic Transfer)

 English Name: Peach Seed Latin Name: Persicae Semen Botanical Name: 

1. Prunus persica (L.) Batch. 

2. Prunus davidiana (Carr.) Franch. Common Name: Persica seed, Peach seed Overview This herb is the dried kernel of Prunus Persica (L.) Batsch or P. davidiana(Carr.) Franch, of the family Rosaceae. The kernel of the seed was traditionally used for coughs, blood diseases, rheumatism, amenorrhea, ague, post-partum hemorrhage, and worms. It can be substituted for the kernel of the apricot seed. 

The peach kernel is a very strong medicinal herb and is currently used to promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stagnation to treat menstrual pain, moisten the bowels, and relieve chronic constipation in the elderly.

Nature and Flavors: Bitter, sweet; neutral Medicinal Group: Blood-activating and menstruation-regulating medicinal Meridian Affinity: Heart, Liver, Large intestine Actions: To activate blood, dispel stasis, and relax the bowels. 

Peach seeds (Prunus Persica) contain about 50 percent fatty oil (which is gained by mechanical pressing and filtration). 

Today, Peach kernel oil is used in the cosmetic industry as base oil for skin oils and creams. Peach kernel oil is also used in pharmaceutical preparations as delicate edible oil.