Apple Fruits
The apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree.
Iranian Red Delicious Apples usually become ripe in early October. The fruit is middle to large in size and is round in shape. This fresh, sweet and crispy fruit looks beautiful with 65-- 85% to 90% of red color in the surface depending on grade . The fruit has smooth surface, thick wax layer, thin peel, creamy color pulp, rich juice, contains much fruit powder, and is sweet with a little bit taste of sour. The fruits are packaged in plastic baskets, then transported in cold-storage containers with temperature set at +1°C-degree, and ventilation at 15CBM/H, which guarantees the freshness of apples to the maximum extent during transportation.
Packaging : 8 kg/10 kg /12 kg plastic baskets and 10/15/18/20 kg carton with paper trays Count (18 kg/20): 88/100/113/120/125/150