Kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis) originated in the Chang Kiang valley of China.
Kiwi fruit has a brown hairy peel with white pulp and green flesh. It has tiny black seeds and green creamy and yummy flesh. Immature fruits are hard while mature ones are softer. They are full of vitamin C and act as good appetizers in salads, fish, meat dishes, puddings, cakes and pies. Recently Iran is growing Hayward kiwi and it is exported to many countries around the specifications as following:
Package : 3kg carton with tray/10 kg carton and 6 kg plastic basket / Weight: +75 g
count (3kg carton): 27/30/33(3kg carton) and 6 kg baskets including 55-60 pcs kiwis
3 kg carton / 6 kg basket / 10 kg carton